About The Flood Run

The Flood Run® motorcycle run/ride has always been a charity event. From throwing sandbags in 1965 to buying a Benefit Wristband to support a great cause, Helping out the kids at Giillette Children's Specialty Health Care!


In 1965 12 motorcycle riders got together and rode the 90 miiles to Winona MN. to help sandbag as the town was covered in water during the terrible 1965 flood! The following year the mayor invited the riders back to have a party as there was no flood. The following few years found alot of the original 12 going to Vietnam, by 1970 they all were back in the country and Jim Noteboom named the run The Flood Run riding the 90 miles the original 12 rode down Highway 61. As the years went by a Fall Flood Run was added so we have twice a year Spring and Fall Flood Runs! The 3rd Saturay of April is the Spring run and the 3rd Saturay of September is the Fall run!

Over the years, the Flood Run® motorcycle run/ride has grown and gone thru many changes as one of the oldest and larger runs in America.

The original run went down Minnesota highway 61 to Winona to help sandbag during the 1965 floods. Through the years, many people avoided the traffic of Hastings MN. and Red Wing MN. by riding down Wisconsin 35. Now the run has grown to a massive number of motorcycles and to alleviate the congestion going into some of the towns, we are adding the original nostalgia run down the Minnesota side.

Incorporating the whole Mississippi River Valley, it floods on both sides of the river!


At Highway 10, riders can go left into Prescott, or right to Highway 61 and down the nostalgic Minnesota side, where they can catch the morning sun and discounts at the many new stops that have been added.  Riders can cross the Mississippi in Prescott, Red Wing, Wabasha or Winona. Cross the river where ever you like, jump in where ever you like, just make sure to purchase a Benefit Wristband to show your support for the Children's Hospital.

This is a volunteer run! No one is paid on the run! We do it because it is the right thing to do! Please be kind to the volunteer's they don't have to be here! Thank you!




The Sponsors:

The sponsorship of many local businesses are really what make the Flood Run go 'round. It's a great chartiable cause and the people are awesome. Thank you to each of our sponsors - you make a difference in your local community and beyond.